Krav Maga Arkansas


Arkansas’ ONLY International Krav Maga Federation school is located within ShootHouse USA in Conway Arkansas. Through the International Krav Maga Federation, KMA intends to provide those who train through us, the knowledge and tools needed to protect themselves if they are ever faced with violence.

Kevin Brown, IKMF Director – Arkansas has been actively engaged in Krav Maga since 2008. Kevin holds certifications in IKMF Civilian Instructor, CLEST Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, and Israeli Tactical Shooting Instructor.


Civilian training includes certification for Practitioner levels (or just ‘P’ levels), Graduate levels (‘G’ levels) and Expert Levels (‘E’ levels). Individuals who train Krav Maga may advance in rank through IKMF’s testing system right here at the Krav Maga Arkansas facility.

At KMA, women’s self-defense qualifications enable women of all ages to learn central self-defense techniques specifically designated to provide them with defense tools while attacked. We have helped train over 400 women in Central Arkansas, in the last year alone,  to protect themselves.

The law does not permit the law enforcer to harm civilians (without reason) and so he finds that sometimes Krav Maga is the only weapon he can use. Krav Maga techniques and tactics can help him protect himself and his partners while fulfilling his mission


At KMA Your First Class is always FREE! Should you choose to continue your training and education, we offer a variety of classes that are sure to accommodate your busy work and family life. We also encourage families to train together. Ages 12-15 are welcome when accompanied by a parent or consenting adult.

KMA is located inside Shoothouse USA at 332 Highway 64 East, Conway, AR 72032. Call (501)590-9216 For More Information and Class Schedules.